SPI Flash Memory Library
SPI Flash Memory Library is a C library originally developed for MSP430FR5739 MCU with external M25PX80 Micron SPI Serial Flash Memory. It can be used without any changes for any MCU from family MSP430FR573X. Ask for compatibility with other MSP430 MCUs and other Micron or Microchip SPI Flash Memory. Even if not compatible with your devices the library could be ported on demand. We could port the library to any MSP430 or PIC MCU and any SPI Flash memory. Depending on the devices similarity porting could be done free of additional charge or with additional charge. Value of the charge will be provided after specifying both MCU and Flash Memory.

The library consists of ready to use low level function set. It is compatible with CCS, IAR Embedded Workbench, mspgcc C compilers.

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